Gateway - Gateway

Educational Excellence with Gateway Established in 1986 by the visionary educator R.I.T. Alles, the Gateway Group has evolved into a distinguished educational conglomerate in Sri Lanka. With an extensive network that includes Gateway Colleges, Springfield College, and several specialized institutions, Gateway stands as a testament to comprehensive education that spans from pre-school to university levels. […]

AMEX/NDB - Nations Trust Bank

Q&E’s Comprehensive Campaign for NDB Bank and AMEX We embarked on an exciting journey with NDB Bank Sri Lanka, one of the nation’s leading financial institutions, to promote their AMEX card offerings. Our mission was to create a campaign that not only highlighted the unique benefits of AMEX cards but also resonated with the diverse […]

Asia Leisure - Asia Leisure

Crafting a Personalised Hospitality Experience: At Q&E, we had the privilege of partnering with Asia Leisure Hotels, a name synonymous with luxurious and immersive hospitality in Sri Lanka. Our challenge was to encapsulate the essence of Asia Leisure’s unique offering – creating lasting, personalized memories for each guest. With a portfolio boasting six of Sri […]

Brandix - Brandix

Tackling the Challenge As Sri Lanka’s leading apparel exporter, Brandix isn’t just a corporate entity; it’s a vast community, with over 40,000 members across Sri Lanka and more across India and Bangladesh. Yet, amidst this diversity, a core challenge stood out: fostering employee engagement and ensuring the recognition of suppliers and partners. Brandix sought to […]


The Prestige of LSEG London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) stands as a pinnacle in the world of finance and technology, commanding respect and influence on a global scale. With a sprawling presence in 70 countries and a workforce of 23,000, LSEG’s fintech solutions are pivotal in bolstering the world’s premier financial and corporate establishments, thus […]

Mobil - Mobil

The Challenge: Shifting Brand Perceptions When Q&E partnered with McLaren’s Lubricants, the Mobil brand, although well-regarded in certain sectors for its high-quality engine oil, faced a perception challenge among the broader Sri Lankan market. The target audience considered Mobil to be a high-end product, unsuitable for the local climate and beyond the needs of the […]

Hybrid Hub - Hybrid Hub

The Challenge: Venturing into Uncharted Territory Edirisinghe Brothers, with its 70-year legacy, embarked on an ambitious journey to address the burgeoning market of hybrid and electric vehicles at a time when these advanced vehicles were novelties on Sri Lankan roads. The general public was unfamiliar with hybrid technology, and the automotive industry was in dire […]

People’s Leasing & Finance (PLC) - PLC

Showcasing PLC’s Commitment to MSMEs In 2016, Q&E partnered with People’s Leasing & Finance (PLC), the leading finance firm in Sri Lanka known for its substantial support to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). With PLC aiding an impressive 72% of SMEs and MSMEs in the country, our task was to bring these remarkable contributions […]

Maguairs - Meguiar's

Polishing Brand Presence Meguiar’s, with its century-spanning legacy, has been at the forefront of automotive care, serving car enthusiasts with an array of premium waxes, polishes, and cleaners. Founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Jr., the brand has carved its name as an icon of quality and innovation in the car care industry. The mission […]

Summits of a Nation - Access Engineering

Meeting the Challenge At Access Engineering PLC (AEL), we recognised the need to stand out in a bustling construction market and connect more deeply with the community’s heart. The construction industry can often be seen as just about concrete and contracts, but AEL is different. We wanted to break this stereotype and highlight our commitment […]