Asia Leisure

Crafting a Personalised Hospitality Experience:

At Q&E, we had the privilege of partnering with Asia Leisure Hotels, a name synonymous with luxurious and immersive hospitality in Sri Lanka. Our challenge was to encapsulate the essence of Asia Leisure’s unique offering – creating lasting, personalized memories for each guest. With a portfolio boasting six of Sri Lanka’s most picturesque resorts, our goal was to redefine the brand’s digital presence, echoing its commitment to bespoke experiences.

The Genesis of “Truly Yours”

The “Truly Yours” campaign was born out of our strategic vision to reposition Asia Leisure not merely as a hotel chain but as a curator of unique, personalized guest experiences. The campaign’s heart was its tagline, ‘Truly Yours’. This message was a pledge, promising each guest a stay that was tailored specifically to their desires and dreams. We unveiled a refreshed logo and revamped Asia Leisure’s digital landscape, introducing new pages and digital assets that mirrored the elegance and allure of the Asia Leisure experience. This digital makeover was designed to attract and engage potential guests, inviting them to explore and be part of the Asia Leisure story.

Impact and Success

The success of the “Truly Yours” campaign was a testament to our ability at Q&E to understand and amplify our client’s brand ethos. The campaign resonated deeply with the target audience, leading to heightened engagement and a renewed perception of Asia Leisure as the epitome of personalized luxury hospitality.

This campaign stands as a prime example of Q&E’s expertise in transforming brand stories into emotional experiences that resonate with audiences. Our approach goes beyond traditional marketing; it’s about creating narratives that touch hearts and leave lasting impressions. The “Truly Yours” campaign for Asia Leisure epitomises our commitment to bringing brands to life, making them not just seen but felt in the competitive landscape of luxury hospitality.

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