AMEX/NDB - Nations Trust Bank

Q&E’s Comprehensive Campaign for NDB Bank and AMEX

We embarked on an exciting journey with NDB Bank Sri Lanka, one of the nation’s leading financial institutions, to promote their AMEX card offerings. Our mission was to create a campaign that not only highlighted the unique benefits of AMEX cards but also resonated with the diverse lifestyles and aspirations of Sri Lankan consumers. As a 360-degree communications partner, we were entrusted with the responsibility of crafting and executing a multifaceted campaign across various traditional media platforms.


Crafting a Diverse Media Campaign

The cornerstone of our strategy was to develop a series of promotional ads, press advertisements, and print campaigns tailored to a broad audience. Our creative team delved deep into understanding the unique selling points of AMEX cards, ensuring each piece of communication was not just informative but also engaging and relevant to the target demographic. We leveraged the strengths of various traditional media channels to ensure maximum reach and impact. Our print campaigns featured in leading magazines and newspapers were designed to capture the essence of AMEX’s value proposition, combining eye-catching visuals with compelling narratives. Each ad was a blend of creativity and strategic messaging, aimed at enhancing brand recall and driving consumer interest.

Impact and Reach

The results of our campaign were a testament to the effectiveness of our integrated approach. The AMEX cards gained significant traction in the market, with increased awareness and customer engagement. Our collaborative efforts with NDB Bank Sri Lanka resulted in a noticeable boost in AMEX card sign-ups, indicating the successful penetration of the campaign message among the target audience.

Through this partnership, we at Q&E demonstrated our capability to manage large-scale, multi-channel advertising campaigns. We succeeded in not only meeting but exceeding the promotional goals set by NDB Bank Sri Lanka, reinforcing our position as a leading communications agency capable of delivering comprehensive and impactful marketing solutions. It exemplifies our ability to navigate the nuances of financial product promotion, crafting messages that resonate with consumers and encourage positive action.

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