The Prestige of LSEG

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) stands as a pinnacle in the world of finance and technology, commanding respect and influence on a global scale. With a sprawling presence in 70 countries and a workforce of 23,000, LSEG’s fintech solutions are pivotal in bolstering the world’s premier financial and corporate establishments, thus fueling economic expansion. The Sri Lankan wing of LSEG is hailed as a crucial hub for Capital Markets Technology and a Centre of Excellence in Operations and Technology, providing and overseeing groundbreaking financial market infrastructures for global clientele.


Q&E’s Strategic Partnership

Q&E embraced the opportunity to partner with LSEG, assuming the mantle of a comprehensive 360-degree communications ally. Our mandate was to propel the LSEG brand within the Sri Lankan market, positioning it as a symbol of prestige, while simultaneously showcasing the local division’s technical prowess and the parent company’s rich 300-year legacy of fintech innovation. Our team led a robust campaign to craft and disseminate media content tailored to resonate with the Sri Lankan audience across digital and conventional media platforms. Our efforts spanned from illuminating company milestones to managing event communications and steering recruitment campaigns.

Innovative Crisis Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges in advertising and corporate communication. Q&E rose to the occasion, pioneering a digital communication strategy that leveraged creatively edited stock footage. This approach yielded compelling narratives that emphasized the importance of safety and the emotional resonance of protecting one’s family by staying at home. As LSEG continued to expand its team during the lockdown, the campaign transitioned smoothly into a recruitment drive, which not only fulfilled its objective but also earned accolades as an award-winning digital campaign.


Digital Storytelling and Talent Attraction

Q&E’s relationship with LSEG Sri Lanka has been one of ongoing digital narrative innovation. LSEG’s Sri Lankan division, distinctively maintaining its social media platforms, relied on Q&E’s strategic use of these channels as a vital recruitment tool in Sri Lanka’s fiercely competitive tech talent market. Through engaging posts that amplified the LSEG brand—its positive work environment, opportunities for professional development, and global expertise—and targeted recruitment messaging, Q&E has been instrumental in fostering LSEG Sri Lanka’s brand growth and talent acquisition.

The collaboration between LSEG and Q&E is a testament to the power of strategic communications, which has successfully elevated LSEG’s standing in Sri Lanka as a fintech employer of choice, renowned for its historic innovation and forward-looking vision in the technology sector.

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