Summits of a Nation

Meeting the Challenge

At Access Engineering PLC (AEL), we recognised the need to stand out in a bustling construction market and connect more deeply with the community’s heart. The construction industry can often be seen as just about concrete and contracts, but AEL is different. We wanted to break this stereotype and highlight our commitment to Sri Lanka’s rich history and people.

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Our Strategic Approach

Our goal was to bridge the gap between AEL’s work and the community. We crafted a three-step strategy to amplify AEL’s commitment to social responsibility and cultural preservation. Firstly, we designed a bespoke calendar that was more than a tool to track dates; it was a celebration of Sri Lanka’s lesser-seen wonders, shared in English, Sinhala, and Tamil to ensure inclusivity. We then brought these stories to life through a series of documentaries, providing a deeper look into the heart of Sri Lanka’s heritage and innovation, engaging viewers and sparking conversations. Lastly, we identified key areas and individuals needing support and channelled AEL’s community service resources to make a tangible difference. Our initiatives reached out to ecological and innovation-focused organisations, fostering partnerships that enhanced community support.


Professional Impact

Year after year, the Access Calendar has grown in prestige, becoming a sought-after item that enriches educational material with its wealth of knowledge. The calendars and their digital companions have significantly boosted AEL’s visibility online, creating a positive buzz on social media platforms. Entrepreneurs and thinkers showcased in our calendars have reported new growth opportunities, underscoring the success of AEL’s commitment to sustainable community building. Through these efforts, AEL doesn’t just lay foundations with stone; it lays a foundation for a brighter future, demonstrating the power of combining business with benevolence.

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