Maguairs - Meguiar's

Polishing Brand Presence

Meguiar’s, with its century-spanning legacy, has been at the forefront of automotive care, serving car enthusiasts with an array of premium waxes, polishes, and cleaners. Founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Jr., the brand has carved its name as an icon of quality and innovation in the car care industry. The mission that drives Meguiar’s is simple yet powerful: to ignite the passion of car owners and enthusiasts by offering top-notch products that deliver stunning, show-worthy results.

Introducing Excellence to Sri Lanka

When McLaren’s Lubricants brought Meguiar’s to Sri Lanka, the local market was largely untouched by global car care giants. Meguiar’s, while recognized in specific enthusiast circles, was not a household name among the broader base of high-end vehicle owners and professional auto detailing services — the segments willing to invest in superior quality care for their automobiles.


Q&E’s Digital Strategy

Q&E’s strategy was to craft a digital campaign that resonated with the upbeat spirit of Meguiar’s, yet was tailored to educate a Sri Lankan audience unfamiliar with the brand. The campaign took a conversational, informative approach, highlighting the unique benefits and features of Meguiar’s products. Each month, specific products were showcased based on their sales potential, and interested customers were seamlessly directed from Facebook to Meguiar’s Sri Lankan online store.


Educating and Engaging Customers

The digital campaign was designed to do more than just sell; it aimed to inform and transform the way Sri Lankan car owners cared for their vehicles. Q&E positioned Meguiar’s as not just a product but a complete car care solution. Future expansions of the campaign were planned to include general vehicle care tips, demonstrating the ease and efficiency of using Meguiar’s products in maintaining the aesthetic and integrity of vehicles.

The essence of the campaign was to show the value of investment in Meguiar’s products — how premium care can maintain the value and beauty of one’s vehicle, which in turn is an expression of the owner’s passion. This approach helped to expand Meguiar’s reach beyond the niche of auto enthusiasts to a wider audience that appreciates quality and is willing to invest in the best care for their vehicles.

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