• Client :Sri Lanka Army
  • Website :www.army.lk
  • Date :01 March 2012
  • Category :Recruitment Campaign

The year 2015, post the civil war when many of the soldiers were utilized for tasks related to city development in and around Colombo. Their reputation was taking a beating. The traditional vacancy ads done by army were always in the tender notice ad format of a full page in black and white with a lot of information. Everything related to it was very old-school.

This was specifically for the officer cadets. The usual process brought in hundreds of applicants but only a handful of them were of the right caliber.


We wanted to bring back the glory and the privilege of being part of the SL Army. And have people EARN it and respect the position. Taking away the tender notice format and migrating all comms. to the digital platform. This was only the first step to get to the application. Our aim was to restrict everyone from applying but only a certain caliber that had the skills to at least go through this process of applying online.


The number of applicants were far less than what they usually get at only 300 applicants to fill a total number required of 50. Although the numbers reduced the quality was far superior and what they needed and was able to fill all positions.