• Client :McLarens Lubricants Ltd
  • Website :www.mclarenslubes.lk
  • Date :15 April 2019
  • Category :Business

Although Mobil had high recall and a loyal following in certain segments of the engine oil market, the brand was not relatable in the minds of the wider audience. The mindset of the target audience was moulded to consider Mobil as a niche product – one that was not appropriate for the climate in the country, and one which was not viable for most of the vehicle categories used on Sri Lankan roads.


The focus of our initiative was that of creating an educative platform for motor oil in Sri Lanka. Since all other companies were more focused on sales, and there was a dearth of knowledge in the country about this subject, there was a space for positioning this brand differently. Furthermore, we introduced ‘Dr. M’, a character depicting an oil specialist. Created and thereafter incorporated into the communications platform by the Q&E team, Dr. M became an embodiment of Mobil Sri Lanka’s renewed strategy in the Sri Lankan market. A hotline, which was essentially an information centre dedicated to educating the public.


The brand has since then gained – both in market share and sales – and, more importantly, has gained recognition in the minds of the target audience.