• Client :The Kingdom of Preschoolers
  • Website :n/a
  • Date :01 january 2019
  • Category :Branding

The Kingdom of Preschoolers is a little Montessori with a big heart, focused on instilling a set of values in children that they can carry forward with them throughout their lives. While the brand had a story that was full of love and warmth, the branding did not replicate their story. The existing identity was fragmented and inconsistent which resulted in a loss of brand recognition. Furthermore, the logo, as well as the school interior, seemed unrefined and lacked the vibrancy that anyone would expect from a Montessori that is focused on giving children a taste of life before entering their early school years.


Our approach was quite simple, we wanted to create a vibrant and engaging identity for KOPS, once that communicated the values and aspirations of everyone involved in the Montessori. We took inspiration from the magical, homely, warm spirit that embodied KOPS and all those who were part of it. Our focus here was to look at all design work covering brand identity, enshrining the brand charter, advising on the interior design of Montessori, and social media content development – the entire gamut of marketing communications was carried out by the Q&E team – all to ensure that vision for the brand was replicated visually across all touchpoints.


It’s hard to measure results for a project of this nature as the primary audience is children, but we were able to gather that historically over 20% of the children would cry on the first day of school but with this new branding in place KOPS had only 2 children cry on the first day.