• Client :Access Engineering PLC
  • Website :www.accessengsl.com
  • Date :01 january 2019
  • Category :Brand Positioning

Access Engineering PLC (AEL) is Sri Lanka’s foremost construction and engineering firm. With competition growing within the construction industry and an upsurge of projects island-wide, AEL wanted to stand apart from others within the industry – in terms of how they operated and how they made a difference to communities across the nation.

There was a requirement for them to create and own a niche within their industry, an industry that was looked at as being ‘cold-hearted’ and emotionless – which was a far cry away from the true ideology and values that AEL represented.


By considering AEL’s Sri Lankan identity and reverence for Sri Lankan history and culture, Q&E proposed a three-phase approach to a sustainability initiative to showcase the brand’s ideology. Phase 01 revolved around the designing of a unique calendar that would highlight valuable facets of Sri Lankan society that often go overlooked and would be accompanied by a summary of the highlighted situations in English, Sinhala and Tamil. Phase 02 was a video docu-series providing a detailed insight into each of these situations and the final Phase was a document provided to the AEL CSR team with areas identified that required support, for which the brand would get involved in to aid communities, locations and even individuals.


The Access Calendar has proved a valuable sought-after item year after year. Its factual content has proven a boon to educators across all sectors. The calendar’s supporting multimedia content on AEL social media channels has increased engagement numbers across the board. The increased visibility has greatly benefitted entrepreneurs highlighted in the calendar, with many reporting increased opportunities for expansion.