Client :Sri Lanka Army Website :www.army.lk Date :01 March 2012 Category :Recruitment Campaign Tags : Agency Creative Vacancy Campaign Share :     The year 2015, post the civil war when many of the soldiers were utilized for tasks related to city development in and around Colombo. Their reputation was taking a beating. The traditional […]

Client :The Kingdom of Preschoolers Website :n/a Date :01 january 2019 Category :Branding Tags : Agency Creative Business Branding Share :     Previous Next The Kingdom of Preschoolers is a little Montessori with a big heart, focused on instilling a set of values in children that they can carry forward with them throughout their […]

Client :Access Engineering PLC Website :www.accessengsl.com Date :01 january 2019 Category :Brand Positioning Tags : Agency Creative Business Strategy Share : Access Engineering PLC (AEL) is Sri Lanka’s foremost construction and engineering firm. With competition growing within the construction industry and an upsurge of projects island-wide, AEL wanted to stand apart from others within the […]

Client :McLarens Lubricants Ltd Website :www.mclarenslubes.lk Date :15 April 2019 Category :Business Tags : Agency Creative Strategy Campaign Share : Although Mobil had high recall and a loyal following in certain segments of the engine oil market, the brand was not relatable in the minds of the wider audience. The mindset of the target audience […]