We’re a different
kind of agency

We’re an all-inclusive, independent, holistic communications consultant. We’re a unique synergy of artists, creators, and storytellers empowered by the possibilities of new media, with decades of experience behind us. Our goal is to create something of lasting value, and we have done so by intimately connecting brands with their consumers through communication strategies that harnessed local culture and cared for the things that truly matter.

Strong Relationships

Our Clients

What Q&E does

For over 25 years, we've taken brand storytelling from the conventional to the exceptional.

We can transform your brand reception through Strategic Communications, help you harness this new age in communications through a Digital Transformation, and together with unmatched Design and Customer Experience that connects you to your audience, we will create your successful marketing future.

How Q&E does it

We don’t just “show”
We create understanding
We help them understand your value

We communicate value. Because today it’s about letting everyone know how your brand brings value to the world. We work to empower your value and create an understanding between brand and consumer.

Strategic Communications
We help businesses find their voice and help them sing across all aspects of communication — from internal communications to traditional media and the digital space.
Design & Customer Experience
We take your brand story and design promotional material that speaks in your voice, is unique to you and creates a lasting connection with consumers.
Digital Transformation
We can help you thrive on the digital frontier. We can successfully guide your brands from traditional media to a digital-first approach that is true to your brand values.
We are Q&E

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23/2 Independence Avenue, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
077 395 0881

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